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Ben Gibbard

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Ben Gibbard
May 21, 2007 Ben Gibbard
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Ben Gibbard 2007-05-21 The Showbox Seattle, WA Source: SP-BMC-2> Radio Shack Headphone Volume Control> Sony MZ-NH700 Tracklist: 1 Steadier Footing 2 We Will Become Sillouhettes 3 Why You'd Want to Live Here 4 Photobooth 5 I Was a Kalidescope 6 Title and Registration 7 Crooked Teeth 8 Dream of Evan and Chan 9 Passenger Seat 10 Soul Meets Body 11 We Looked Like Giants 12 It'll Be a Breeze (Roderick cover) 13 405 14 A Lack of Color 15 Farmer Chords> Brand New Colony 16 I'll Follow You...
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Source: SP-BMC-2> Radio Shack Headphone Volume Control> Sony MZ-NH700
Ben Gibbard
May 9, 2007 Ben Gibbard
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Solo performance by Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie, Postal Service) 1/1 01:10:14 01. To Sing for You (Donovan) 02. Brand New Colony 03. Title and Registration 04. Crooked Teeth 05. You Remind Me of Home 06. Why You'd Want to Live Here 07. We Will Become Silhouettes 08. Photobooth 09. talking 10. I Was a Kaleidoscope 11. Casino Blues 12. Passenger Seat 13. Soul Meets Body 14. Palmcorder Yajna (Mountain Goats) 15. 405 16. The Sound of Settling 17. Such Great Heights encore 18. A Lack of Color...
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Topics: Death Cab for Cutie, Gibbard, Postal Service
Source: AT853 > SPSB-1(69Hz) > PCM-M1 (48kHz)